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“Tradition is the continuation of innovation”

“Tradition is the continuation of innovation”
Kotaro Nishibori is the fifth generation head craftsman of Hiyoshiya, the only wagasa (Japanese umbrella) manufacturer in Kyoto. The key to success in a business dealing in tradition in Japan is the unceasing efforts Hiyoshiya makes to continue innovating. Bridging the gap between the traditional techniques, materials and contemporary lifestyles, Kotaro has always strived to connect Japan’s traditional crafts with future generations.

What makes a travel unforgettable? “Meeting someone from the region you travel to and having a special conversation with them, or even becoming friends.”
At Meisterstrasse Japan Edition, we introduce you to this journey to meet the craftsmen who Kotaro Nishibori discovered during his trip around Japan. The bespoke journey we offer is filled with heart to heart conversations with other master craftsmen whose personality and techniques Kotaro fell in love with.
Here you’ll find the key to undiscovered parts of Japan.

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*International travellers will also be connected to a tourist service for travel assistance.

Our crafted journey
Our mission is to introduce you to undiscovered parts of Japan; we do not offer activities popular with most tourists. Below is an example of our itinerary. Our tours are carefully crafted according to the needs of each traveller.
Paths to Mastery - Kyoto
As a craftsman himself, Kotaro Nishibori introduces you to the masters of all kinds of traditional arts and crafts in Kyoto. This tour also gives you a glimpse into the social and historical challenges facing Japan. Personal conversations with the masters will bring a new perspective to your life.
Paths to Mastery - Kobe
Said before one enjoys something to eat or drink, Itadakimasu is a Japanese word that signifies the sense of appreciation one has when receiving something, and is also one of the keywords in understanding Japanese culture. On this tour, you will follow the narrative of an innovative leather project happening in Hyogo prefecture.
Paths to Mastery - Kuma Shochu
In Kumamoto, Kyushu, in the isolated region of Hitoyoshi-Kuma, one will find abundant nature, great local food and a surprisingly wide variety of distilleries making Kuma Shochu, a traditional spirit made with Japanese rice. Distillery masters will introduce you to a whole new world of this unique Japanese alcohol.
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